What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Now is the best time to plan your summer.

IT SOUNDS CRAZY!!  But you can find deals and take your time to make sure everyone gets what they want/need.

So here is the step by step plan to make a perfect summer.

1.   Plot out your summer on a weekly basis.
Here is a handy link to print out a monthly calendar for your needs.  Enter critical dates like the end of school, start of school and any special occasions during the summer.

2.   Identify Summer Goals for you and the household.
A few items you may want to consider are:

  • a family vacation

  • summer camp

  • a grown up vacation without the kids

  • redoing a bathroom while the kids may be out of town

  • organizing your office area in your home

  • putting together the photos that you have meant to tackle for the longest time

  • learning how to……

There are so many items that could be on your bucket list, it is time to identify those wishes and dreams and see what really can be done during the summer.

3.  Start Planning the Details.
If summer camp is in the cards for the kids, now is the time to write to a camp advisor  to find the right program and take advantage of early bird rates and the arrival of Camp Directors for home visits.
If a vacation for the family, or solo, is on your list, now is an excellent time to start reviewing websites such as Airfare Watchdog so you can be alerted when rates go down for the trip you really want to take.
If remodeling is your selection, know that permits, plans and ordering supplies takes months.  If you plan ahead, you actually may be able to install while the kids are out of the house.

4. Just Do It.
So often, our plans are terrific but we fear the final decision making.  Just do it!!!  Don’t delay.  Make your choice, cross it off your to do list and move on to enjoy the rest of the year.

5.  Fill in the blanks.
Once you have planned the big picture, it will be very easy to fill in the blanks.  For example, if you are working and need child care assistance for certain days, you can make arrangements with work, friends or family to help out on those days.  You can purchase tickets to special local events well in advance, or keep an eye out for special deals, during the blank days you have already identified.

Take the time, make the plans, use the many resources available to help you and know that the summer of 2017 will be a blast!!

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