Children 7-12

Great Programs for Younger Children

The child and the tween – they come in all developmental maturities, shapes, sizes and interests.  Together we will identify who your child is today, what you hope for them to become and match you up with the right program today with an eye towards what the future may hold.  Types of programs for this age will include:

Traditional Sleepaway Camps – Traditional sleepaway camps come in a variety of designs such as

  • Structured or choice programming

  • Recreational or Instructional or combination

  • Location and size options

  • Religious preferences

  • Single sex, brother/sister or co-ed camps

  • Time length options and so much more.


A traditional sleepaway camp has the ability to become the place your child will consider their home away from home and they will join the group that “lives 10 months for 2” at sleepaway camp.


Specialty Camps  - Designed to focus on a particular skill, specialty camps can be found in every field from ballet to baseball, cooking to coding,  fine arts to field hockey, and every conceivable specialty you can imagine.  And yet, especially for the 7-12 group, it is so critical to speak to your Camp Expert to know which of the many specialty programs out there are age appropriate.  THIS IS CRUCIAL!

Special Needs – As many know, the earlier identification and intervention occurs, the better able your child will be to manage their specific needs.  And being at the right camp is so important.  Regardless of the diagnosis (ADD, ADHD, AS, HFA, LD, and PDD-NOS) or if your child is just having trouble fitting in, we can help find the right summer experience that will empower your child.  And all of our conversations are confidential.