Her Passion

Karen Meister

Karen loves life and lives life as if she is in summer camp all the time.  When not working with Camp Experts & Teen Summers, she is playing tennis, singing with a group, working on her novel, blogging, volunteering and heading to football games with her family.  Life will always be full!  As an expert in all things summer, she is dedicated to helping her clients find the same satisfaction and happiness for themselves as well as their entire family.  Summer experiences, from sleepaway camp to teen programs of all kinds, offer the most remarkable environment not only for the child who attends, but for the ones left at home.  And that is where Karen’s passion is different from many advisory services offered.  She is passionate about bringing fulfillment and growth to the entire family.

And now she is bringing this passion to her team of Camp Experts around the world.  With local experts in Dade and Broward, Tampa and Orlando, Atlanta, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru, Karen is teaching the skills and expertise to those who intuitively have a passion for summers and families.  Excited to grow!!