Tweens 12-14

Kids Not Quite In Their Teens

The greatest variation in interest and maturity can be found in the Tweens grouping.  The best example can be found in a yearbook photo of a 7th grade class where some of the students look like very young children and others look like fully developed adults.  And hence, the interests and availability are all over the map as well.

Traditional Sleepaway Camps – There are still traditional camps that can be found for the first time 12-14 year old camper, but it is crucial to know both your child as well as the camps and their ability to accommodate a newcomer at that stage.  The help of your Camp Expert is crucial.

Teen Sleepaway Camps  - There are some programs that are designed for the first time camper and only accept children who are at least 12 years old.  Traditional activities are offered and most often will have greater flexibility in programming and selection.

Campus Based Programs  - There is a larger selection of enrichment and more cerebral campus based programs for the tween.  Living conditions are typically in dormitories, enrichment and academic courses are offered and combined with fun athletics, workshops, travel and fun.

Travel and Outdoor Adventure Programs  - Teen tours, travel with purpose, community service, language immersion, hiking, backpacking and adventure programs can all be found at this age.  Again, so crucial for the tween to be in age appropriate groups.  Despite the maturity level, there is a vast difference between one in middle school and one in high school.


Specialty Camps  - Designed to focus on a particular skill, specialty camps can be found in every field from ballet to baseball, cooking to coding,  fine arts to field hockey, and every conceivable specialty you can imagine.  It is so important to speak to your Camp Expert to know which of the many specialty programs out there are age appropriate.  THIS IS CRUCIAL!

Special Needs – As many know, the earlier identification and intervention occurs, the better able your child will be to manage their specific needs.  And being at the right camp is so important.  Regardless of the diagnosis (ADD, ADHD, AS, HFA, LD, and PDD-NOS) or if your child is just having trouble fitting in, we can help find the right summer experience that will empower your child.  And all of our conversations are confidential.