Our Services

Camp Experts & Teen Summers

As a Camp Experts & Teen Summers partner, with Joanne Paltrowitz, we spend our year visiting, researching, interviewing and evaluating programs from around the world.  Our more than 30 international offices communicate with each other to insure eyes are on every program we represent.

Our FREE and CONFIDENTIAL guidance is provided year round and every day.  Our process will include:

  • A chat on the phone to get to know each other and your family makeup.

  • Research to identify and provide a list of programs that match your needs.

  • Sending brochures and DVDs to you to supplement the websites you have already visited.

  • Assistance in narrowing down the options.

  • Facilitating communications directly with the camp and program directors you have selected.

  • Complete availability to answer any and all questions regarding your final decision.

  • Confirming your application has been accepted and your child is enrolled.

  • Providing pre- and post-camp guidance to help you through every step.

  • Compiling evaluations from all of our clients on their summer experiences to insure annual updates.

As to ongoing communication, there are so many options:

  • Old school phones

  • Email

  • Texting

  • Social media messaging

  • Coffee talks

  • A collection of original as well as researched articles on summers

We are here to help you in every way we can at the time that is most convenient to you.  We know what it’s like to have kids in the house.