Sending my daughter to camp

by Nicole Gorin

The decision to send my daughter to camp was a momentous one. Being a camper myself I knew of all the incredible adventures she would have. But I also knew how much I would miss her and worried about sending her out into the world.

So many questions came to mind: Was she ready? Who was going to comb her curly hair every day? Did I give her all the tools she needed to be successful? Could she take care of herself? What would she learn at camp? Was I ready for what she would come home knowing?

From silly questions to big questions. As a helicopter parent my mind was in overdrive.

Then I remembered how much fun I had at camp. All that I learned and the amazing friendships I made while I was there. The impact of giving her this experience would have an ever-lasting effect on her life. She would learn to be independent, to try new things, and to appreciate nature in a completely new way. She would learn things that were totally out of her comfort zone. Meet people from all walks of life and try new things. She would get to run and laugh and be silly and try swimming in the freezing lake and repelling, archery, and cooking. She would be exposed to things that she could never do at home. She would find herself at camp just like I did and it would change her forever.

The impact of this experience created ripples in so many areas.  Camp sent back a beautiful young lady. She is more confident and in tune with herself. She has counselors in England and friends all over the country she is constantly talking to. 


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