Find Your Inner Child

I flew through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring old girl on the flying trapeze!!

I took three days, just three little days, and felt like I was away for a fantastic vacation.  It’s amazing how renewed you feel when you get away from your normal routine.  I went to tennis camp with a group of women who have the same passion for tennis as I do.  We played tennis for 5 hours a day.  This would not be heaven to everyone, but for us it was glorious.  We played, got to know each other, told stories, danced the night away, and yes I took a ride on the trapeze!

I had a blast and so did the women who joined me.  We were an international group from Miami to Hong Kong to New Jersey to Argentina.  Stories of our lives growing up were different and yet so similar.  We bonded within minutes of our arrival and left with new friends for life.  Yes, this is going to camp….

But I share this, not because I have to convince you that camp is good for your kids, but that sending your kids to camp is good for you too.  When you have little ones in the house, the time you get to yourself and/or you and your spouse, are so limited.  Needless to say, the kids always come first.  But, having an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the child inside is extraordinary.  Being able to relax long enough to have a belly laugh that makes you cry is glorious.  Just having the time to find the quiet place in your mind where you can remember what it was like to be carefree is such a gift.

Many have said they feel guilty sending their children to camp.  First and foremost, going away to camp is a gift, not a punishment.  Crucial to find the right camp, but it is a gift for sure.  Second, take advantage of the time you have to refresh yourself.  Make sure it is a gift for the whole family.

Tennis camp was so much fun for me, I am planning another one for the spring (if by chance you happen to have a passion for tennis).  But make sure you truly consider camp for your kids, so you too, can take some time to find your inner child!

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