What is your sideline behavior?

Are you the coach?  The motivator?  The task master?  The one who brings the goodies?  Do you want everyone to participate?  Do you want the kids to win?  Did you play the sport and reliving or rewriting through your child?

Who are you on the sidelines?  What is your sideline behavior?

I remember when my kids were playing tennis tournaments.  I knew plenty about tennis since I also competed when I was a kid and adult.  I would take them out to practice.  I would watch them during their tennis lessons.  I even offered to coach other kids while I watched my kids play.  I was so excited that they were going to learn “my sport of passion”.  And they were enjoying it too.  During Career Day, when they were in elementary school, they dressed up as tennis pros.  So much fun!!!

But alas, they taught me a lesson that I will never ever forget and am here to share with you.  I was taking my job as “mommy coach” way too seriously.  They showed me the way they were holding their rackets and I started to correct them and determined a new coach had to be found.  What were they teaching my kids???
A western grip and open stance, of course.  I was “old school” and my kids were getting great instruction.  I needed to BUTT OUT!!!!

And I sheepishly apologized for my ways to my 12 and under kids.

Sending your kids to sleepaway camp is a great way to support your kids’ learning and passion while butting out!!  But it is very important to find the right program.  Sleepaway camp will allow them to:

1.  Get great instruction from qualified coaches who can age appropriately relate.
2.  Build skills in a variety of sports because at a young age, they may be playing basketball but ultimately become a tennis pro (that was my brother!).
3.  Compete with and against kids from other parts of the country so they can get a better idea of where they stand in each of the sports and how they can improve their abilities.
4.  Learn SPORTSMANSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP — without overinvolved parents!

Get it??  It is good for you and it is good for them.  Unless your child is a prodigy, the current trend is not to specialize on a particular sport until they are about 12 years of age.  And then only if they want to, not you.  General camps, with great instruction, offer the right kind of opportunity for a young child interested in athletics.  After 12, there are great specialty camps in every single sport if the time is right to convert.

For more information on the camps that offer great instruction within your price range, location preference, and budget, be sure to take advantage of your favorite Camp Expert.  I have traveled to all of the camps, ran a camp, watched the kids and coaches in action and can share with you the right choices based on your family’s needs.  So reach out!!

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