The close of school is just a few days away.  Everyone is feeling the pressure.  Finals, ceremonies, duffle bag packing but the  most stressful for most is indecision….

Indecision as to what is going to happen when June 6th occurs and the school year is over.  OMG!!
I have spoken with every kind of mom and dad in the past few weeks. 

  1. Early Planner - This is the parent that believes they must plan next  summer now.  OK.  I’m ready for you.

  2. Late Planner -  Needless to say, the exact opposite.  The summer season is days away and therefore, it must be time to plan.  I am here for you.  I know which programs still have space and last minute placement is available.  Just be flexible.

  3. Indecisive - This is usually the parent of teens.  I think “insert your T$#@%EENSname” should do this, he/she wants to do that, and now we have to make a decision and can’t.  So my suggestion….

    • T$#@%EEN…. you get to choose.  Program A, Program B or Monday – Friday 9-5 job.  Find it.

  4. Disorganized - I signed up early, can’t find the paperwork, duffle bags aren’t ready, labels aren’t on the clothes and I can’t get a doctor’s appointment to get the health forms in.  Can you help?  Sorry.  This one is on you….

  5. Frantic - I signed up early, my child is going to three weeks of a program.  Was I crazy?  The summer is 12 weeks long.  What else are they going to do?  Help.  And of course, I can.  Camp Experts & Teen Summers, especially in South Florida, gets all kind of special programs that fill in the empty weeks.

So as I soak up all of your stress, and believe me, that is my job — happily — I find my shoulders have elevated somewhere up around my ears.  And today, I took off and went to my local Massage Envy and said — “take it away”!  Rub out the crunchiness in my shoulders and back.  Give me the comfort to sit in my office and talk to all my cyber-friends to help them with the summer.

I literally fell asleep the first half hour.   The second half hour was grand but camp plans started to creep back in.  When I went to check out, much more relaxed and relieved, they asked my name and I said… Karen Meister.  The woman standing next to me said,  ”Oh… the Camp Expert.  I still don’t know what my kids are doing.  Can you help me?”

And my answer was, yes!

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