Summer Camp Beginnings

camp-history-(1).jpgIn the early 1900s, Teddy Roosevelt was concerned that the male population was becoming too civilized and too soft. He thought it was important for boys to get out of their comfort zone. New York private schools started wanting boys to be physically as well as mentally fit. The US was also in the midst of the polio epidemic during these years and getting out of the city and into the country was the best way for kids to remain healthy. Summer camps boomed throughout the northeast – into Maine, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Cool temperatures and beautiful landscapes became the backdrop for the growth and development of the youth of the day.

Sound familiar? Fast forward more than a century and we are still talking about the same things….  Getting kids unplugged, out of their comfort zones, physically and mentally fit and now away from the latest health crisis…..… Covid-19.

Today, we have so many options to help our kids develop, grow and escape the city life. Finding the right place, activities, community and of course, budget is challenging when there are so many beautiful videos available to watch on line. Every place does look amazing on camera. In reality…. The differences are truly remarkable.

Camp Experts & Teen Summers visits all of the camps, in session, to best understand the culture, the personality, the facility and offerings that best fit your child and your family needs. But please don’t delay. Many camps are filling up and it is now time to finalize your research and enroll. Call me today at 305-931-5437 or email me at to set up a phone appointment.

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