Camp Schedule Comes Home

A Typical Day at Mommy and Daddy Camp
During Covid-19 Quarantine Time

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7:15 AM - Rise and Shine


The younger ones tend to wake up a bit earlier and are ready to go. So help them with some wake up

exercises for all.

7:45 AM - Get Up Sleepy Heads

not-ready-to-get-up.jpgIf you have teens, 7:45 AM will be a welcomed wake up time to start the day and still get something

accomplished. Time to get dressed for the day, wash faces, brush teeth and head out to the dining hall

(aka kitchen)!


8:00 AM - Breakfast Time

breakfast.jpgHow about everyone participates in creating different types of breakfast options? From waffles with berries

to cereal mixes, eggs and toast, or whatever you choose, breakfast time can be for the whole family. It is also

a great time to review the schedule for the day.


8:45 AM - Cabin/Bedroom Clean Up


Great time to put the music on for the whole family, get everyone revved up for making beds, putting

away laundry, helping to clean the dishes from breakfast, and general chores around the house.

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Morning Periods for Outdoor Play


There are so many ways to get exercise in the morning. It can be through scheduled lessons ie tennis or golf,

making arrangements with other protected families to share the responsibility with backyard play or swimming

time, or going out with your kids each morning to explore some new athletic adventure. 

12:30 PM - Let's Do Lunch


After all this morning work, it is definitely time for lunch. Again, a wonderful group activity and you can

click on this link for some great family lunch ideas.


1:30 PM - Everyone Needs Some Quiet/Personal Time

QUIET-TIME.jpgEveryone needs some time to just do what they want on their own. Each person chooses:  video games,

Tic Toc, reading a book, or just listening to music. Everyone gets to rest their way.


2:00 - 5:00 PM - Afternoon Periods for Learning and Fun

VIRTUAL ENRICHMENT - let's look at non-academic opportunities such as cooking, painting and drawing, 

STEM experiments, google exploring, playing games. Fill out the contact form to get some ideas for your

specific needs, age of children, budget, etc.


5:00 PM - Get The Body Moving One More Time TodayKIDS-(1).jpg

swings.jpgIf you have a private pool, a great activity for sure. As the weather continues to get warmer, it is time to really

enjoy the outdoors. Stay safe in social distancing, but get the kids outside. If the weather is not

great, it's a perfect time to play some group games in the house such as building a pillow fort, jigsaw

puzzles, card games, ongoing Monopoly game. Let's get creative. Have ideas? Share.

5:30 PM - Bath and Shower Time for Little Ones

time-for-bath-(1).jpgGreat time to unwind, shower, put clothes in the laundry and just mellow out. And if all done, let the kids

help with dinner prep.

6:15 PM - Let's Do Dinner

bbq-for-family.jpgInvolve the kids or not, but make sure that dinner is healthy and wholesome. At times of stress, it can be

very easy to fall into the overeating trap to feed your uneasiness. You may even make it an activity with

the kids to create a week's worth of healthy menus so everyone participates in the planning. Make sure

to include lots of conversation during dinner. Some great prompts for conversation can be found here.

7:00 PM - Clean Up Time

Everyone helps. Clear the table, do the dishes, put away/wrap up the leftovers, wash the table. You may

want to make a chores wheel so everyone gets a chance to do the chores they like and don't like. 


7:30 PM - Evening Activities

night-at-movies.jpgBased on the age of your child, and now that you have spent a full day together, you and your children can

do anything from an evening activity to watching television or playing on the computer. Face timing with

family and friends can bring the outside in. Writing a journal so there is a record of what everyone is feeling

about this time will also be so helpful.

8:30 PM - Story Time and Bed


Again, depending on the age of your child, it is time for a little sweetness in their day, toothbrush time, story

time and off to bed. 

And for you, maybe a little "wine" down time??

The more routine you establish in your home, the more equipped you will be to minimize your children's stress

level (as well as your own). Your control of their day, and hence, control of your day, will hopefully allow you and

your family to enjoy your time together.

If you have ideas, please share them with me at and I'll be sure to publish them.

Always a germ-free cyber-hug,

Karen Meister
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