Maintaining Your Smarts During the Summer

books.jpgTwenty five precent of your child's life is during the summer.  And that means taking their activities during the summer as seriously as you do during the rest of the school year. 

And yet, I often hear -- he has worked so hard, I want him to just relax during the summer.  Or she gets so stressed during the school year, the summer is a time for relaxation.  Finally, I'm terrified that they will slip back a grade over the summer unless we get them into a rigorous program during the summer.

Reality lies between relaxation and vigilance.  Proper planning is critical.  So to begin, there are many ways to learn and they don't all include classroom work.

1.  Summer camp learning is fantastic.  Being out in nature as part of a group or team reaching for a goal teaches leadership, tenacity, overcoming challenges, following directions, overcoming loss and more.  These are all important aspects of your child's education as well as future success in school. 

And yet, there is something to be said for practicing the three R's - reading, writing and 'rithmetic.  

2.  Reading - crucial at all times - should be encouraged during the summer months.  There are plenty of websites you can review ie for ideas on books for the summer based on reading level or interest.  A great start however, is simply the reading list offered by your child's school.  Sit with your child to make some selections and get the books.

3.  Writing - Handwriting letters!!!  When at sleepaway camp, for example, many camps permit emails to come from the parents, but then the kids have to respond via old fashioned hand writing.  It is great.  Again, I'm always into contests.  How many letters can you write that have three full paragraphs?  Send your child a letter that talks about current events and ask for their feedback.   Help structure the responses and encourage full sentences with persuasive presentations.

4.  Math, based on age, can be practiced just by going to the grocery store and paying cash, or going to the store with $20 and asking your child to add the total in their heads as they walk through the aisles.  Have a contest between your children to see who can shop for a portion of the list, without the assistance of a calculator, paper or pencil, and acquire the most number of items without going over the budget.

And yet, with all of these ways to encourage brain stimulation during the summer months, some kids and teens just need assistance through tutors or real academic programs to give them a boost to catch up or to maintain.  We can suggest a variety of "flavors".  If tutoring, we have incredibly qualified sources that can come to your home, skype or even tutor while away at camp.  If an academic summer program is necessary, we have classroom as well as "in nature" programs to really provide that boost.  And of course, if SAT/ACT prep is needed, we can find just the right program for your needs.  Essay writing assistance, college guidance and of course, our famous P2P Program is always there for teens.

Plan the summer to make sure that your child/teen gets the greatest preparation for life... and the next school year.  And of course, let us help you find the right support for your needs.

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