Get Ready for the First Day of Camp

life-friends-(1).jpgHave you had the talk with your kids?  Are they ready for the first day of camp?  Are you ready to let them go?

Are you ready?  Are the kids ready?  Trunks packed?  Nerves running high?

All normal.  As my Dad used to say, “It’s good to have butterflies!  You just want to get them to fly in formation!”

Remember, you are sending the kids to camp to help them develop independence, get fresh air, unplug and simply to stay busy during the summer.  But if this is their first time away from home, everyone is experiencing a sense of nerves….

So, here are some hints to give the kids for their first day of camp as well as things you need to do as the parent…..

  1. Pack your traveling pack the night before.

  2. Wake up early enough before traveling to have family breakfast.

  3. Let them say goodbye to their room and make sure everything is just the way they want it.

  4. And then, off to the airport (or bus)…..

  5. Upon arrival, let the kids check in with the chaperone or counselor in charge.  Make sure everyone is introduced and give your child a little space to talk with some other children, while still being available for them.

  6. If your child is going by airplane, stay in the airport with the other tearful moms and dads till the plane takes off.  There have been times when mechanical troubles on the runway causes the plane to turn around and potentially de-plane.  (You will hate yourself if you are not in the airport!)

  7. If your child is going by bus, wave goodbye and head off.

The kids are now out of your hands and in the protection and care of the travel counselor.  So this is what you can tell your kids to prepare them …..

  1. If you have any questions, ask the counselors.

  2. There will probably be lots of singing and activity on the bus.  Watch, listen, learn and if you want, participate.

  3. When you finally get to camp, you will be greeted by counselors and the camp director, most likely holding clip boards.  They will tell you where to go and you will probably be connected with someone that will take you to your cabin.

  4. You will find your bed, meet your new friends and start  to get to know your new summer family and summer home.

  5. You will probably go to the camp dining hall for a meal, introductions and jump right into the start of your summer.  If you see food that you don’t like, don’t be shy to ask for some alternatives.  And, if you have allergies, always speak up!

  6. Eventually, after a very long time it will be lights out.  You may feel very tired, a little lonely, a little sad, or a little nervous your first night.  It is okay.  We will be thinking of you as well.  But now you have your new summer family that you will learn to love, enjoy and count on while you are at camp.  And believe it or not, when you come home, you are going to miss your camp friends so much.

  7. A new day, a new beginning, and let the fun, games and new experiences begin.

  8. Don’t forget to write us letters because we want to hear everything about your wonderful summer.

We love you….

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