Live 10 months for 2

If you are sending your child to sleepaway camp this summer, and you went to camp as well, I can feel the vibration of excitement coming from each and every household (some early birds have already left).  I remember the trucks picking up the duffel bags and all of a sudden, it was real.  The 10 month waiting period was almost over and the glorious 2 months of summer camp were about to begin.

Back in the day, even back in the day when my kids went to camp, chatting with your camp friends during the school year only existed through expensive long distance phone calls or letter writing.  Instant messaging, cell phone conversations, Facebook, Twitter and every element of instantaneous communication didn’t exist.  You basically waited till that first day of camp to get off the bus with your travel belongings, dropped everything along the way as you ran to hug your BFF’s at your summer home.

Now, the kids keep in constant touch which actually has made their desire and longing for the wonderful 2 months of summer bliss even more acute.  No parents, no school work, and no electronics!  Believe it or not, once the kids have gone through their withdrawals (as you would too), they enjoy the disconnected feeling of being unplugged.

And if this is the first summer away?  The build up has been huge.  Buying camp clothes, packing duffel bags, doctors appointments, flight arrangements, and the excitement and anxious feelings of the unknown.  It is all soooo good!!!

Summer camp is the best gift you have ever given to your child and please make sure that whether your children are going for 2 weeks or 2 months, you take the time to get in touch with your own life, needs, wants and desires.  The kids will be great!  You are ready to let them go….

It’s about T-minus 1 week for so many of you.  Ready, set, go!  Share your feelings, your nerves, your excitement and your stories!

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