Play, Laugh, Learn and Love – Back to Basics

Crazy scary world we live in today.  And yet, the only thing I want for our children is for them to play, laugh, learn and love.  They should play:  freely, with and without purpose, to exercise, and to explore.

They should laugh:  at themselves, at life, and with their friends and family.

They should learn:  about history, math, culture and science, how to communicate, how to feel, and how to be independent.

They should love:  life, their family, their friends, their neighbors, and their world.

Life is way too short, in the grand scheme of the universe, to take one moment for granted.  And as a parent, we try very hard to spare our children from the harshness of certain realities and allow them to grow up with the hopes and dreams of a wonderful future.

Summer camp is a gift, an opportunity and a necessity to allow a child to escape the daily barrage of media that tends to slip through during their existence at home.  Please consider giving this opportunity to your children.

Camp does the world a lot of good.

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