Full Summer Camping-The Best!

Summer lasts for 3 months…  And letting go of your babies for what feels like the whole summer can be scary the first time.  52 days is a typical full summer camp and that is just not happening (says many the first year)…..  

So here is what probably goes on once they leave and you have only committed to a half summer.

You will:

  1. Go to work, in the home or out of the home.

  2. No lunches to make, no beds to make, no need to rush the kids out of the house so you can add an extra “fill in the blanks”  (workout routine, cooking class, reading time…).

  3. Several hours a day sitting in front of the computer pouring over the 500 pictures posted by the camp in order to find the one picture of your child (smiling, grumpy, busy, messy)….

  4. Start creating the to-do list of big projects.

  5. Prepare for the grown up trip you plan to take with your significant other.

  6. Enjoy your trip and return to the to-do list that never left the drawing board.

  7. Welcome the kids home from camp or go to visiting day and pick them up.

  8. Do laundry and hear stories.

  9. Go back to work and send the kids to day camp, back to making lunches and rushing them out the door.

  10. Wonder why you thought 26 days was too long….

You now have the kids home for almost 6 more weeks before school starts again.  And the thoughts going through your mind are:

  1. Let’s take a short family vacation to break up the 6 weeks.  Can we afford it?

  2. It is really hot and raining almost every day.  The kids are getting a bit grouchy and the camp carpool line is crazy!

  3. I thought I would save money keeping them home but it is costing me so much money in activities!

  4. Never did get anything done on my to-do list….

  5. I am glad to have the kids back but wow, I really enjoyed the break.

  6. And they seemed to be really happy….

  7. What if after visiting day, they stay… how would it be?

  8. Hmmmm…. it really went fast, almost too fast.

  9. I still have lots of time with them all June….

  10. Maybe next year???

After so many years of talking to thousands of families, who ultimately do send their kids away for the whole summer, I share this dialogue because there is no reason to be afraid from the very start.  There are many different camps that offer a significant change in the way camp is run because EVERYONE attends for a whole summer.  The bonding, the camaraderie, the lifelong friendships from day one, are amazing.  So before you just say “no way” to full summer camping, think about it.  The kids will definitely be able to handle it.  We now just have to get you on board.

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