Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the Summer

I really don’t have a one track mind.  But when was the last time you and your spouse were home alone for longer than a weekend?  When was the last time you came home after a long day and without any mixed emotions, without any guilty pull from parenting responsibilities, were able to just leisurely decide last minute to go to the beach for a late night stroll and eat outdoors?  Or just stay home and watch a movie on TV and crack open a bottle of wine and eat bread and cheese for dinner?

As an empty nester, I now have those opportunities and they are marvelous.  But I highly recommend having this opportunity while your children are still at home.  And sending your kids away from home,  for the right summer experiences, even if it is for a short three week stay, is THIS YEAR’S VALENTINE’S GIFT you and your spouse deserve.

So think about the reality.

1.  Your child or teen, placed in the right type of summer program for their needs and your criteria, will grow, develop, learn skills, make new friends, experience new opportunities, become more independent, build character and so much more.

2.  You will have a few weeks to recharge yourself.  Childless time at home gives you opportunities to pay a bit more attention to your personal needs.  We all know when days and lives are busy, the last person on your “take care of” list is yourself.

3.  And of course, with a few weeks of child care removed from your to do list, you and your spouse will have an opportunity to really reconnect.  You can certainly take the time to go away yourselves, but if finances become a bit tighter because the kids are going to camp, “staycations” are fantastic.
Invest in your children and invest in your marriage!!  Sleepaway camp and teen summer experiences are the best gift for the whole family.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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